XingXing YouLei is one of the thirteen Great Generals of the Dark Ones. She is a skilled archer and is often seen bantering with LuanWu KuangDao since they are good friends.


XingXing YouLei is beautiful and attractive, with a narrow face, long dark hair, a slim curvy body, and sizable breasts. She wears a piece of orange cloth wrapped around her upper torso and an orange patterned side-cut dress, leaving her bare midriff exposed.


She is lighthearted around her comrades, teasingly telling KuangDo that Ah Gou is more handsome than he is.


Soul PowerEdit

Soul Gear: Giant Soul Bow: It appears as a normal green bow.

  • Spiritize: Once YouLei "spiritizes" her Soul Gear, it grows massively in size and changes to a blue-grayish bow with spikes.
    • Homing Arrow: An arrow of Soul Power that is capable of following its target to the end of the world.


Season 2Edit

Expedition to the Gods' DomainEdit

She first appears to help Ah Gou and KuangDo out of the water after the fight with the Sea Devils. Upon meeting Ah Gou, she quickly accepts him as a brother-in-arms and teasingly remarks that he is "interesting" and "handsome".

War in the Gods' DomainEdit

She finds KuangDao crippled from Zhen Chan's attacks, and attacks Chan with her own Giant Soul Bow. One of her arrows ends up harming him, but upon releasing a flurry, she sustains the wounds instead of Chan. SenLin fights and apparently defeats Chan. However, the victory is short-lived and Chan reappears and attacks with his Wheel of Judgment. YouLei suffers bow wounds as a result, before being spirited away from the fight and death by SenLin's Anaconda.

Season 3Edit

YouLei soon left after the creation of Dark Ones' City due to her inability to cope with the new life-style that came with it. She eventually returned to the Central Plain after hearing news of the gods' attack of Dark Ones' City.