Soul Power

Soul Power

Soul Power is a power unique to the Dark Ones, though certain gifted humans can also master it.


A shocking force actualized by "Igniting One's Soul"; it significantly increases one's speed, strength, resistance and even one's regenerative abilities. Those in possession of "Soul Power" can also use the "Dark Arts", allowing them to all kinds of mysterious techniques. However any ordinary Dark One's warrior is capable of attaining this state. In order to wield "Soul Power", one must reach the state of "Spiritize".

The key to "Spiritize" is injecting one's "Soul Power" into one's weapon of choice, therby altering its form and enhancing its power. Beyond even "Spiritize" lies another level of mastery called "Limit Break". This completely shatters all limitations posed by a weapon's physical form, allowing the user to unleash all kinds of unfathomable attacks. - Representative Luan Wu Kuang Dao

Limit BreakEdit

A state rarely reached by the warriors of the dark ones, Limit Break happens when a dark one ignites his Soul Power beyond the level of Spiritize and becomes one with his Soul Gear.