Kong Que is said to be the strongest warrior amongst the ranks of the Fallen Ones. However, she did not fight at all during the time she was pregnant. In the past, she was the best friend of the high priestess, Xin Yue Kui; however, this relationship ended following Kong Que's arrest and imprisonment at the World's End. She is also Zhui Ri's sister.




Healing: Kong Que is capable of healing wounds. It is unclear on whether or not she can heal disease or illness.

Swordsmanship: Bai Cai claims that Kong Que's swordsmanship was so elegant that is appeared as if she were dancing.

Divine Skill:Edit

Dance of the Silver Flame: Kong Que uses this with twin blades. The divine skill extends the reach of her blades. A traitor of the Fallen Gods says that he was only able to see a silver flash before one of his comrades was cut, and Xin Yue Kui's reaction to it indicates that Kong Que uses it very rarely.


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