Efeng shen ji v002 ch014 p009

HaiKuo TianKong was the former Grand Marshal of the Dark Ones. He was the older brother of Ni Tian Er Xing and husband to Ah Rou. He was killed by Shen Yen when he saved ErXing.




HaiKuo TianKong formerly held the position of Grand Marshal of the Dark Ones. Upon his return from a campaign, he discovered that Ah Rou is infected by the Petrification Sickness. When he realized that his younger brother Ah Man (NiTian ErXing) went to Gods' Domain to retrieve the Dawn Flower (supposedly the cure to the sickness), HaiKuo TianKong went to save him. They were attacked by the Great Elder of the Sage Hall, Shen Yen. He made Ah Man a promise to carry on his legacy as the Grand Marshal and used the last of his strength to send his younger brother back to the Underworld. Shen Yen then made TianKong explode from the inside out, killing him.

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