Emperor Wu, also known as Tian Zi & Ji Fa, was the one responsible for leading the Zhou campaign against Shang in 1046 BC.




Season 1Edit

He is informed by Xuan Chai that his name will change to "Tian Zi" once the conquest of Shang is over. He belligerently agrees to do what the Gods want as long as he can get what he wants. He amassed clans from the other parts of world and stormed Zhao Ge.

Commenting on the improving progress of his campaign, Chai assures him that the Gods will help him. Shou appears out of nowhere and starts to dismantle his army, calling him by the name Ji Fa; he says that Ji Fa has become a pet of the Gods.

He lays witness to Tian Kui "beating" Zi Shou with one blow; he then is in awe as he sees Tian's dragon approach the battle. As Gui Mu releases his Necrogen Mist, he orders his soldiers to retreat. He is in disgust as Gui Mu and Shi Xing take delight in the killing of humans.

Season 3Edit

Betrayed by his son Ji Qiao, Ji Fa was convinced to take the Seed of Longevity from one of the Honored Ones. The Seed of Longevity began to take over Ji Fa's body and mind, so the emperor attempted to destroy the Seed in order to prevent becoming a puppet of the Honored Ones. When the emperor broke part of the Seed, his mind was damaged to the point where he suffered dementia-like symptoms.

When gods attacked Dark Ones' City to reestablish their rule of the Central Plain, the humans joined the dark ones in their fight against the gods. Even thought the Seed of Longevity drove the King Ji mad, it provided him immense strength. Ji Qiao then released his father onto the gods in order to provide support for the soldiers of Zhou.

When Chi Long entered the battlefield, Ji Fa fought alongside some the most powerful warriors the humans, the dark ones, and the Fallen Ones had to offer. Ji Fa emerged from the fight with a missing arm and collapsed in front of his son.