Da Ji, formerly Xin Yue Hu, is the wife of Zi Shou, former empress of Shang, the mother of Wu Geng, the daughter of Fu Yi and sister to the high priestess Xin Yue Kui. She concealed her identity as a God to the world, save for a few people.


Da Ji closely resembles her sister, Xin Yue Kui. When witnessing the battle in Shang, she wore a traditional white robe with purple flower designs in the middle, while on the inside, she wore a teal robe with a green sash. Her brown hair was long and worn straight down, except for two long bangs on each side of her face, tied with decorated, blue bands.


She is very kind and loyal, willing to die with her husband and always be at his side the day she decided to marry him.


Divine PowerEdit

Seer's Vision Edit

Using her power on a bowl of water, a person can bear witness to a situation, rotating the bowl for different angles of viewing.


She is approached by Zi Yu, on the night when Shang is ready to go to war with the Gods. Da Ji is happy to see that Zi Yu is keeping well. She is offered escape by Zi Yu but declines, resolving to stay by Shou's side.

Wu Geng eventually finds her, and she calls him to her side, telling him that she sent the guards away. After Wu Geng sees Tian's dragon, she tells him that Tian himself has come to the battle. Wanting Wu Geng to see the fight, she activates her Divine Power so that he can see it. Da Ji then reveals she was one of the Gods, and escaped punishment for her fleeing; she had fallen in love with Shou and decided to hide her identity.