CangBai DeLian was one of the Great Generals of the Dark Ones.




Season 2Edit

She was part of the war on the Gods' Domain. Initially, she was on the reserves, but joins the fray after sensing Ni Tian Er Xing's death. After Tian confirms it, she attacks him, along with the remaining Great Generals, out of a personal desire to avenge his death. She also mentions that she was never able to confess to him, revealing that she had feelings for him.

Season 3Edit

DeLian left after the founding of Dark Ones' City due to her unwillingness to follow its law. She returned to the city was soon as she heard if it was under attack by the gods. Whether she survived the war is unknown; it is suggested, by showing her laying on the ground with Zhen Chan commenting that he cannot revive the dead, that she died to Chi Long's attacks.


Soul Gear Spirtize: Beastial Blood