Bai Yu (白嶽 Báiyuè) is the leader of the Honored Ones of the White Creed. He is an influential antagonist in the White Creed arc.

Appearance Edit

Bai Yu looks like a middle aged man with a muscular build and a steady comportment. His minimal dress style and being barefooted emphasizes his rugged brawniness. He wears a straw coolie hat. He is topless except for a white cape with tattered ends at the bottom and what seems to be padding at the shoulders made out of dry leaves. He has long white pants tied with a sash-like belt.

Personality Edit

Bai Yu is quiet and stern, hence he slightly resembles Tian Qui in persona and appearance. He exudes stoic masculinity by being emotionless, steadfast and dutiful.

Abilities Edit

Being the leader of the Honored Ones, he is one of the greatest masters of the Smelting Aura. He subdues his opponents' smelting aura attacks with ease. He is able to summon and wield large amounts of Smelting Aura with unmatched proficiency.

Aura of Origin:

Aura of Origin is a technique especial to Bai Yu. He can exert shockwaves of gravitational repulsion when faced with physical attacks, ths avoiding melee combat.

Batte Armour Origin:

His battle armour greatly increases his attack and defense capability. His shockwave attacks are more creative and devastating.

Trivia Edit

His name means "white mountain", and he's possibly named after Bai Yue, one of the Hida Mountains.