Bai Long is the wife of Tian and one of the last surviving Ancient Gods.


She appears as a tall beautiful pale-skinned woman with white hair and shining blue eyes. She wears a black gown and possesses two white dragons sticking out of her back.


Unlike most Old Gods, she is kind, sweet, and gentle and acts as the contrasting pacifistic counterpart to her husband. She only desires to live in peace and love with her husband and favors diplomacy over bloodshed. However, she is not adverse to her husband using violence if that diplomacy fails.


Mind Reading: She can read anyone's mind.

Mind Control: Weak-minded individuals are easily controlled. It cannot affect individuals with a strong will.



Following the Ancient Gods' war against the Dark Ones, Bai Long was to be killed together with her husband, Tian. However, Tian rebelled and slew all of the ancient gods except Bai Long. However, she was on the brink of death, and so Tian created a new order of gods from humans, who at the time were primitive creatures that resembled the Ancient Gods. He also sped up the evolution of humans so that he could make them harvest blood crystals, which would effectively restore Bai Long's power. Prior to Bai Long's first appearance, it was widely believed that Tian was collecting the blood crystals for himself.

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