Ah Shi is a former slave who befriended Wu Geng, Bai Cai, and Jiang Shang in the northern mines after his capture. After his escape, he helped Bai Cai establish her steamed bun shop while they waited for Wu Geng to catch up with them.

In the animated adaption, Wu Geng Ji, he is voiced by Baichao Wang (王柏超).




Ah Shi was presumebly captivated sometime during the conclusion of the war and brought together with Ah Gou and Bai Cai to the mountain mines for work. At the time of the escape four years later him and Bai Cai went ahead to wait for Ah Gou at the old streets of Zhao Ge, where they set up a shop selling steamed buns. 

When Ah Gou returnes after nine months on Phantom Island he awaits him along with everyone at the harbour, and then comes along when they sail towards the Gods Domain.

In the epilogue, Ah Shi continues running the shop he and Bai Cai started. He helps Jiang Shang take care of the deranged Ji Qiao, who was nearly killed by his uncle and his uncle's supporters, as they were aware of how he betrayed his father. Though Ji Qiao survived, his mind was permanently warped to that of a child's.

Wu Geng JiEdit

His role in the story is very close to his manhua counterpart's.